Catering and Accommodation

  1. The Director shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. The Director will report to the DVC(PAF).
  3. The Director shall deal with all matters regarding accommodation and catering servicesand facilities.


Office of Catering - Staff Members

Designation Name View staff profile (Biography, CV, Publications and Research Groups)
Catering & Accomodation ManagerMr. Paul  Oumaview profile
Assistant SecretaryMs. Lilian  Jabedoview profile
Cateress/Caterer IIMr. Noel A. Okolaview profile
Asst. Cateress IMr. Gilbert  Onyango view profile
Asst. Cateress IMs. Dorcas  Opiyoview profile
Senior Kitchen Assistant Mr. Walter O. Jumaview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. Eliud O. Ogutuview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. Michael O. Onyangoview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. Francis O. Onyangoview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. Adede P. Anamview profile
Kitchen Asst. Ms. Elizabeth A. Ngesaview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. Maurice O. ONayaview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. John  Arokoview profile
Kitchen Asst. Mr. Silvester O. Okotsiview profile