Plans underway for official launch of Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable use of Insects as Food and Feeds (INSEFOODS)

The Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Use of Insects as Food and Feeds (INSEFOODS) of JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology is up and running even as plans are underway for the official launch of the Centre come early October 2017.

The planning committee for the launch met at theVittoriaSuittes Hotel in Kisumu to make the necessary arrangements that would ensure success in the long awaited launch.

JOOUST has earned its space in the world map as a University of Excellence that is committed to ensuring sustainable food security within the region and beyond. Through her committed researchers, the University has a niche in promoting use of Insects not only as human food but also as feeds for livestock. The University is one of the 3 ACE II projects in Kenya funded by the World Bank to run for 5 years.


Through this innovative research, JOOUST managed to beat over 60 Universities to clinch the hotly contested Ksh. 600 Million World Bank Funding Project that would run over the next 5 years.