The Promoting Awareness and Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Education and Community based Programmes team led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Agong’, met the Parliamentary Committee on Labour and Social Welfare led by Hon. Ali Wario.

While giving his opening remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Agong’ stressed on the university’s’ commitment to set up a Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation and Habilitation for Persons with Disabilities.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Labour and Social Welfare Hon. Ali Wario expressed his delight to join the University in celebrating the ability of persons living with disabilities in the 5th JOOUST Disability Day scheduled for 15th March 2019 and promised to work with the University’s management in setting up a motion in parliament for the establishment of the Centre.

In the 2016, a team of researchers led by Dr. Charles Makori Omoke which included Dr. Ruth Otienoh, Prof. Joseph Bosire, Prof. Estambale, Dr. Henry Onderi, Dr. Pamela Raburu, Dr. Mary Onditi, Dr. Washington Wachianga and Mr. Fredrick Oluoch submitted a proposal to the National Research Fund whose aim was to promote awareness and participation of Persons with Disabilities(PWDs) in education and other community based activities.

The team comprising of experienced professionals were identified to spearhead the setting up of a Regional Rehabilitation and Habilitation Centre. The Centre aims at reducing dependency levels among people living with disabilities though economic empowerment, skill development, job training and change of negative attitudes.

The project has been funded and is on its second quarter of the first of two years. It focuses on PWDs and their exclusion from mainstream education and socio-economic activities. In particular, the project is on ways of improving education and support services for PWDs.

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