The Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Agong’ has officially rolled out the 2019/2020 Financial Year Performance Contract to the University Divisions. This follows a recent evaluation and moderation of the 2019/2020 Performance Contract by the Public Service Performance Management Unit based in the Executive Office of the President.

The Performance Contract agreement was between the Vice - Chancellor and the Deputy Vice Chancellors in charge of the three divisions of the university namely; Division of Research Innovation and Outreach, Division of Academic Affairs and Division of Planning, Administration and Finance.

The Division of Research Innovation and Outreach has been charged with the responsibility of mobilizing 1.5 Billion towards Innovation and Research.

The Purpose of the Performance Contract is to establish the basis for ensuring that efficient and effective services delivered to Kenyans are in line with the provisions of the constitution. It also requires the University to adapt systems that enable innovativeness and adaptability of public service to the needs of the users. The Performance Contract therefore represents a basis for continuous performance improvement that will meet the needs and expectations of the Citizens of Kenya.

The document contains statements of responsibility made by each of the Division heads regarding their mandate of service and adherence to the performance contract guidelines. It also highlights the University’s strategic objectives and intent by the division heads to implement the objectives.

The Performance Contract period is stipulated to run between 1st July 2019 to 20th June 2020.

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