1. Outreach and Transfer of Technology;
  2. Community Service and Mentorship;
  3. Social Corporate Responsibility;
  4. Special Aquaculture Farming Program;
  5. Poverty Alleviation Programmes;
  6. Environmental Management & Climate change; and
  7. Cultural Diversity.

  1. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (RIO) - Chairperson;
  2. Director , Centre for Outreach and Extension Services;
  3. Registrar (RIO) - Secretary;
  4. Extension and Outreach Coordinator(s);
  5. One Dean/Director nominated by Senate;
  6. One Senate Representative;
  7. Director of Partnerships and International Affairs; and
  8. Two co-opted members from outside the University.

Terms of Reference

  1. be answerable to the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. receive regular progress reports for consideration and approval;
  3. monitor and evaluate the general performance of the Directorate.