1. Create awareness of the effects of HIV/AIDs in campus and general (community);
  2. Create awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDs on social and  economic development of Kenya;
  3. Establish VCT Centres in the University;
  4. Build partnerships with relevant stakeholders such as National HIV/AIDs Control Council;
  5. Solicit funding for HIV/Aids control, awareness and prevention e.g. ARVs, circumcision, condoms, etc;
  6. Create awareness of the effects of other diseases in the campus and general community; and
  7. Create awareness of the impact of other such diseases on social and economic development

  1. Chairperson of the Board who shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from among the senior academic staff;
  2. Director , Aids Control Unit;
  3. Dean of Students;
  4. Chief Medical Officer;
  5. Registrar (AA);
  6. Registrar (PA);
  7. Registrar (RIO) - Secretary; and
  8. Four Academic staff representatives, balanced by gender.

Terms of Reference

  1. be answerable to the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. receive regular progress reports for consideration and approval; and
  3. monitor and evaluate the general performance of the Directorate.

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