Dr. Samuel Oyieke

Chairperson of the Department - Department of Accounting and Finance



Department of Accounting and Finance - Staff Members

Designation Name View staff profile (Biography, CV, Publications and Research Groups)
Chairperson of DepartmentDr. Caroline J. Sitieneiview profile
Associate ProfessorProf. Maria  Onyangoview profile
Senior LecturerDr. Michael  Nyagolview profile
Senior LecturerDr. AlvinLucy  Onditiview profile
LecturerDr. Fredrick  Odoyoview profile
LecturerDr.  Samuel O. Oyiekeview profile
LecturerDr. Caroline J. Sitieneiview profile
LecturerDr. Fronica M. Ogetoview profile
Assistant LecturerMr. Jairus  N. Kokiview profile
Assistant LecturerMs. Janepher G. K. Kodiaview profile
Tutorial FellowMr. Allan  Asolaview profile
Tutorial FellowMr. Joanes W. Adongoview profile
Tutorial FellowMr. Gilbert   Obureview profile
Graduate Assistant Ms. Sharone  A. Okelloview profile
Graduate Assistant Ms. Lilian N. Wanyonyiview profile

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