Dr. Warkach Kipkorir Tonui

M.A/ M.Ed (Kharkov and Simferopol State Universities), Ph.D. (KU)

Chairperson of the Department - Department of Geography and Social Development



Department of Geography and Social Development - Staff Members

Designation Name View staff profile (Biography, CV, Publications and Research Groups)
Chairperson of DepartmentDr. Warkach  Tonuiview profile
Associate ProfessorProf. Francis  Angawaview profile
Senior LecturerDr. David  Ndegwaview profile
Senior LecturerDr. Warkach  Tonuiview profile
LecturerDr. Elizabeth A. Odhiamboview profile
LecturerDr. Emilly O. Ayietaview profile
LecturerDr. Alphone O. Charlesview profile
Assistant LecturerMr. Mourice  Odhiamboview profile


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