Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action


The Center for eLearning in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning (COL) invites you to apply for a FREE Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action short course.

C-DELTA is an open online non-credit course for both students and teachers offered by COL. The course provides a framework for fostering digital learning and developing skilled citizens for lifelong learning. It fosters leaders who can demonstrate how to use information and communication technologies (ICT) effectively and who influence others around them to use digital technology appropriately and effectively for learning (and earning) and for supporting sustainable development. Based on its MOU with COL, JOOUST offers the course to its student body and lecturers.

C-DELTA: Seven Modules includes:-

1. Understanding Digital Education

2. Developing Digital Identities

3. Mobilising Resources Module

4. Engaging with Networks Understanding Digital Education Leadership

5. Enhancing Access

6. Making Informed Decisions

7. Capacity Building

8. Cultivating Innovation

Certificate of Merit will be issued upon completion of the course

For more information: · To enroll for the course visit · For reading materials visit:

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