Title: The Second Eastern Africa Regional Aquaculture Conference and Trade Fair

Theme: Aquaculture: Africa’s Turn

New Dates: 21st to 26th February, 2023

Venue – Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST), Bondo, Kenya


Highlights of the Event (what’s on offer)

  • scientific symposium – development trends, policy and latest aquaculture research within the region
  • farmers conference – presentations, training sessions and field demonstrations
  • exhibition and trade fair


Major Thematic areas

  1. The Benefits from Aquaculture Development in Eastern Africa
  • Aquaculture Policy frameworks and strategies
  • Impact of Aquaculture on the community
  • Women and Youth in Aquaculture


  1. Aquaculture Technology and Enterprise
  • The opportunities and prospects in Eastern Africa’s aquaculture value chain
  • Aquaculture as a food production system
  • Investment for Eastern Africa Aquaculture
  • Production systems – seed and grow-out
  • New/emerging commercial aquaculture animal and plant species
  • Blue Economy

Safeguarding Eastern Africa’s Aquatic Ecosystems for Sustainable Commercial Aquacutlure Development

  • Genetics, genomics and bioinformatics for stock improvement and climate adaptation in Eastern Africa aquaculture
  • Aquatic animal health, welfare and food-safety
  • Interventions to safeguard aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem health



Logos of the Flyer and also up-date website according for now


  1. logo for eastern Africa regional aquaculture conferences
  2. CASK
  4. Eastern Africa Chapter of WAS-African Chapter
  5. WAVMA
  6. True Fish
  7. LVFO
  8. LTA
  9. WAS – Global
  10. WAS – African Chapter
  12. Kenya Government (Fisheries Dept?)
  13. Aller Aqua