Prof. Monica Ayieko, PhD & MSC (University of Illinois) BSc (University of Maryland) Diploma (Egeron College)

Positions currently held at JOOUST:
Professor - Department of Center for Food Security and Biodiversity

My Biography

Monica Awuor Ayieko is a Professor of Consumer Sciences at the Jaramogi OgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST), in the School of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Monica was born and brought up in Kenya, educated in Kenya and the USA. She has a wide background in agricultural households and food production. She worked in the field as extension worker for 15 years before going for higher degrees and later joining the university system as a lecturer cum researcher. She developed keen interest in the use edible insects for food security, particularly for households along the Lake Victoria region which normally have plenty of edible insects. The professor has been working with edible insects for more than 15 years in Western Kenya region. She has published several academic and general documents on insects as food and feed. She is currently working with farmers to promote commercialization of the same at the farm levels. Has successfully developed several processed products of edible insects and is attempting rearing insects as a pilot project for sustainability. Through the effort of Professor Ayieko, JOOUST is a proud recipient of the coveted ACE II World Bank funding to set up Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Use of Insects for Food and Feed. The project will work with local, regional and international partners to develop research and quality of higher education; promote insects for food security and help manage our environment.