Directorate of Information and Communications Technology


Vice ChancellorProf. Anthony J. Rodrigues

B.Sc. (Manchester), M.Sc., Ph.D. (UMIST)



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Mission & Vision

To develop and maintain an ICT environment that best meets the University’s infrastructural, information management and communication requirements, and provides efficient support for end-users.

Provision of quality computer-based information to authorised users; securely accessed, stored, processed and transmitted at all times and underpinned by shared responsibilities.


  1. Functions
    1. Review ICT policy, strategies and plans in line with the University automation priorities;
    2. Recommend University wide ICT budget and the allocation of ICT resources among users departments;
    3. Consider and consolidate ICT requirements for various University functions, staff and students;
    4. Monitor and evaluate the performance of large ICT projects;
    5. Consider and recommend quality of service measures to enhance service delivery to various cadres of end users;
    6. Scrutinize any hardware and software license agreements with vendors and service level agreements with Internet Service Providers and advise Management Board and Senate accordingly; and
    7. Address any other ICT strategic and policy matters as may be referred by the Management Board and Senate.
  2. Technical Functions
    1. Network design, planning, installation and maintenance
    2. Hardware and Software configuration, testing, installation, License Control and support.
    3. Implementation and Monitoring of the best practice information related security processes.
    4. Project co-ordination for both in-house and outsourced infrastructure-based projects
    5. Provision of Email and Internet and related services.
    6. End user ICT training, Data management services and Technical Support Services
    7. Website design and development, maintenance and support.

Major Projects

  1. Internet and LAN Connectivity
  2. PABX and Telephone system
  3. Computer Labs: Main Campus (2); Kisumu Learning Centre Procurement:
    • ID Card System
    • Computer Hardware & Software
    • Audio visuals
    • MIS
  4. Power Backup:
    • Standby Generators
    • Centralised and stand-alone UPS systems
  5. Wireless LAN
  6. Website Upgrade
  7. Library:
    • LAN & Internet Connectivity
    • E-resources
    • Online Catalogue
  8. Training: BOLIFA Youth Group


1. ICT Policy (Coming Soon)
2. Help Desk Request form
3. Equipment Issuance Form
4. User Manuals & Tutorials (Coming Soon)

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Provides ICT maintenance and support for key management systems such as Human Resources, Finance and Student Records. This MIS team ensures that all systems are available at the point of need and are continuously monitored for their performance. Support is provided for, hardware, software, and end-user support including providing support for system development (both in-house and outsourced). The MIS team is responsible for the upgrades and maintenance along with the day to day running of the systems ensuring that they are kept up to date and that they meet the criteria for supporting the business function of the University. This unit is also responsible for developing and maintaining the University web site(s).

End user and Learning support Services (ELS)

The staff in this unit support ICT systems and services in the University. The support is wide ranging and takes the form of centralized academic facilities which are primarily used at the main campus as well as the 4 Learning Centers, They are also in charge of maintenance of both desktops and laptops which total more than 280 in the University.
Staff requiring ICT technical assistance or support channel their requests through the ICT Help Desk. Requests are logged and assigned to appropriate staff in the Directorate to provide remedial action. Calls can be monitored and escalated where necessary through to a timely completion.

Communication and Network Services (CNS)

Staff in this area support the University telecommunications and data networks. The University telephone system is based on 16 Channel ISDN technology, whilst the data network is based on a combination of Fibre optic and high-speed Gigabit - Fast Ethernet network.
This unit also supports the Orange Telkom connection which provides the College with access to the Internet via high speed radio and fibre links. Consideration is underway for inter-site links.

Office Location Telephone (Extension) E-Mail
Director’s office Admin Block 057-2058(124) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ICT Server Room Admin Block 057-2058(143)  
Help Desk Comp Labs 057-2058(119) or (165) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. DVC(PAF)  - Chairperson;
  2. Director ICT - Secretary;
  3. Four (4) Deans/Directors nominated by Senate;
  4. Registrar ( PA);
  5. Registrar (RIO);
  6. Registrar (AA);
  7. Finance Officer; and
  8. Not more than three (3) co-opted members from outside the University.

Terms of Reference

The Board shall:

  1. be answerable to the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. receive regular progress reports for consideration and approval; and
  3. monitor and evaluate the general performance of the Directorate.