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The School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences houses four departments: the Department of Special Needs Education, the Department of Curriculum and Educational Management, the Department of Languages, Literary and Comunication Studies and the Department of Social Studies. The school has highly qualified and motivated staff, committed to quality teaching as well as quality and competitive research consultancy services. In a bid to offer more relevant skills and support professional development based on regional and global demands, the school has reviewed, expanded and diversified its academic programmes.

Our undergr aduate students undertake degree programs in Special Needs Education, Early Childhood Education, Guidance and Counseling, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Development studies, Governance, Administration, History and Archeology, Geography Literature, English Language and Linguistics, and Kiswahili. Postgraduate students in the school undertake Masters and Doctoral degrees in all the
subject areas mentioned above.

In addition, the school is putting in place new and salient programs to the society thus: Music and Computer as teaching subjects. Diploma in Education and Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. Also in progress are: BA in Criminology and Forensic.

Studies, BA in Music, BA in Public Administration, Leadership and Ethics, BA in Sociology and Social Work, BA in Media and Communication Studies, BA in Theater and Film and BA in Industrial Psychology. The School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences is well known for its outstanding role and activities in the University. The School organizes pedagogical training yearly for faculty members in the University. The school trains professional teachers, education policy developers and implementers. Teachers are also trained to teach learners with Special Needs in Special Schools and inclusive settings in different categories including Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment Physical Handicaps Mental Challenges, Gifted and Talented and Emotional and Behavior Difficulties. The School has active running monthly seminar series that have attracted both national and international scholars, where lecturers and postgraduate students share their research findings as peers. The school takes this opportunity to congratulate all its graduating students (Bachelors, Masters and PhD) and wish them the best as they transit to the job market.

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