University Senate

The Senate shall consist of─
  1. the Vice-Chancellor, who shall be the Chairperson;
  2. the Deputy Vice-Chancellors;
  3. the Principals of each Constituent College;
  4. the Principals of each College within the University;
  5. the Registrars;
  6. all the Deans of Schools /Faculties, the Directors of Institutes/Centres/Directorates, Director of the Board of Postgraduate Studies and other academic units;
  7. the Associate Deans and Deputy Directors;
  8. the Chairpersons of Departments;
  9. the Professors of the University;
  10. the University Librarian;
  11. one representative  of each of the College Academic Board appointed by the respective boards from amongst its members;
  12. one representative of each of the School Academic Board appointed by the respective boards from amongst its members;
  13. the Dean of Students;
  14. subject to these Statutes,  two members elected by the Students’ Association; and
  15. such other member as Council may determine in accordance with these Statutes;
  1. There shall be a Senate of the University.
  2. The Senate, shall be in charge of all academic matters of the University and shall undertake the functions assigned to it in the Charter of the University.
  3. The members of Students’ Association shall not participate in the deliberations of the Senate on matters which are considered by the Chairperson of the Senate to be confidential, related to examinations, grades and such other issues that may pose a conflict of interest.
  4. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) shall be the secretary to the Senate.
  5. The functions of the Senate shall be to ─
    1. recommend to the Council for the establishment, or abolition or harmonization of Faculties, Schools, Institutes, Units, Departments, and Centres as the Senate may from time to time deem necessary;
    2. subject to the Act,  make recommendations to the Council for the establishment or abolition/supervision, of degree and other academic programmes and their titles in the University;
    3. set the dates of the academic year and determine the schedule of academic programmes within the academic year;
    4. approve all syllabi of the University;
    5. make regulations governing methods of assessing and examining the academic performance of students;
    6. admit independent of the Placement Board, non-Government sponsored students to its programmes in accordance with its approved admission criteria.
    7. evaluate academic records of both undergraduate and postgraduate candidates for the purpose of admission into the University;
    8. regulate the conduct of examinations;
    9. appoint internal and external examiners and recommend to the Council the terms and conditions for their appointment;
    10. approve the examination results;
    11. subject to the Act, approve the award of degrees including the award of honorary degrees and other academic distinctions;
    12. determine which qualifications or credits from other Universities or institutions shall be acceptable as equivalent to particular qualifications of the University;
    13. determine the procedure to be followed in the conferment of the degrees and other awards;
    14. withdraw or cancel such certificates, diplomas, degrees, including honorary degrees, or any other awards in accordance with Statute XXVI;
    15. determine the design of academic dress and prescribe its use;
    16. evaluate research, teaching, staffing and general work of any body or section of the University and if it so wishes to report and make recommendations thereon to the Council;
    17. promote and administer the extra-mural, external and extension work of the University;
    18. promote research and innovation work in the University;
    19. promote co-operation and linkages with other institutions of higher learning and industry;
    20. propose regulations governing the award of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other awards;
    21. develop, implement and promote quality assurance systems and structures in all University operations;
    22. promote the welfare of students and staff in the University;
    23. propose regulations and procedures for the discipline of students and make recommendations thereof to the Council;
    24. discontinue a student from a programme of study on academic grounds;
    25. receive proposals from various Boards and  Faculties, Institutes, Schools, Centers and to consider their recommendations and make appropriate decision;
    26. recommend to the Council appropriate criteria for  appointment and promotion of all staff of the university;
      1. review these Statutes from time to time and present recommendations thereon to the Council provided that all Statutes shall be reviewed at least once every five years; and
      2. determine general policy matters relating to the library, laboratory facilities, teaching aids, workshops and such other academic services which are in its view necessary for the furtherance of the academic objectives of the University.
  6. The Senate shall exercise such other powers as may be conferred to the Senate by the Act, these Statutes or by the regulations and to do such other acts as the Council shall authorize.


  1. Prof. Emily Achieng Akuno           - Vice Chancellor, (Chairman)
  2. Prof. Dennis Ochuodho             - Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor (ASAR)
  3. Prof. Aggrey D.M Thuo             - Deputy Vice Chancellor (PAF)
  4. Prof. A. J. Rodrigues                 - Director, ICT
  5. Dr. Walter Akuno                     - Registrar (AA)
  6. Dr. P.J. Akhaukwa                    - Registrar (PA)
  7. CPA. George Aduda                  - Chief Finance Officer
  8. Prof. Reuben O. Mosi                - Professor
  9. Prof. Omolo Ongati                   - Professor
  10. Prof. Adrian W. Mukhebi          - Emeritus Professor
  11. Prof. Monica Ayieko                 - Professor/Associate Director, INSEFOODS
  12. Dr. Caleb Olweny                     - Dean, SAFS
  13. Dr. Vitalis Abuga Mogwambo   - Dean, SBE
  14. Dr. Lorna Grace Okotto             - Dean, SSPNRM
  15. Dr. George Ayodo                     - Ag. Dean, SHS
  16. Dr. Alphones Charles Otieno     - Dean, SEHSS
  17. Prof. Maurice Nyadawa             - Dean, SET
  18. Prof. Bernard Okello Nyaare      - Dean, SBPMAS
  19. Prof. Solomon Ogara                 - Dean, SIIS
  20. Prof. Christopher Gor                - Dean of Students
  21. Prof. Pamela Raburu                 - Director, (QEA)
  22. Prof. Hellen Atieno                   - Director, University Special Services 
  23. Prof. Darius Andika                  - Director, INSEFOODS
  24. Prof. Julius Manyala                  - Director, PI Institute
  25. Prof. Silvance Abeka                 - Director, Centre for e-Learning 
  26. Dr. Festus K. Ng’etich               - University Librarian
  27. Dr. Erick Okuto                        - Director,TVET Centre
  28. Dr. Emilly Ondondo                  - Associate Dean, SEHSS
  29. Dr. Arvinlucy Onditi                 - Associate Dean, SBE (Kisumu Campus)
  30. Dr. Jane Owenga                       - Associate Dean, SHS (Kisumu Campus)
  31. Dr. Bernard Momanyi               - Associate Dean, SEHSS/ Overseeing Kisumu Campus
  32. Dr. Janet Odhiambo                  - Associate Director, Risk Management and Mitigation
  33. Dr. Richard Magwanga              -  Director, DRIP
  34. Dr. Newton Wafula Masinde     - Associate Director ICT
  35. Dr. Charles Omoke                   - Chairperson Dept. of SNE & ECD
  36. Dr. Mary Onditi                        - Chairperson Dept. of Curriculum and Educational Mgt.
  37.  Dr. Judith Anyango Owaa         - Chairperson Dept. of Psychology and Educational Foundations
  38. Dr. Fredrick Z.A.Odede             - Chairperson Dept. of Social Studies
  39. Dr. Juliet Jagero                        - Chairperson, Dept. Languages, Literary and Linguistics
  40. Dr. Edwin Baraza                      - Chairperson Dept. of Accounting &Finance
  41. Dr. Dorothy Achieng Onjwa      - Chairperson Dept. of Tourism & Management Sciences
  42. Dr. Prisca Omoke                      - Chairperson Dept. of Pure & Applied Maths
  43. Dr. Joseph Otula Nyakinda        - Chairperson Dept. of Applied Stats.Fin.Maths &Actuarial Scie.
  44. Dr. Fredrick Owino                   - Chairperson of Department, Spatial Planning
  45. Dr. Frankline Otiende                - Chairperson of Department, Natural Resource Mngt.
  46. Dr. John O. Agumba                 - Chairperson of Dept. Physical Sciences
  47. Dr. Collins K. Mweresa             - Chairperson of Department of Biological Sciences
  48. Dr. Mary Akinya Orinda            - Chairperson Dept. of Agric. Economics and Agribusiness Mgt.
  49. Dr. Peter Amin Bulli                 - Chairperson Dept. of Plant, Animal and Food Science
  50. Dr. Joshua Agola                      - Chairperson, Dept. Computer Science & Software
  51. Dr. Charles Helm Angira           - Chairperson, Dept. of Community & Public Health Sciences
  52. Dr. Edwinah A. Syagga             - Chairperson, Dept. Nursing & Biomedical Sciences
  53. Dr. Eng. Peter Kabok                 - Chairperson, Dept. Agric. Eng. and Energy Tech
  54. Dr. Kennedy Aburili                  - Chairperson, Dept. Civil Eng. and Construction Mgt.
  55. Dr. Rose Koweru                      - Senate Representative, PWDs
  56. Eng. Nicholas Odhiambo           - Senate Representative, SET
  57. Dr. Isaiah Onjala                       - Senate Representative SEHSS
  58. Dr. Eric Ogola                          - Senate Representative, SHS
  59. Dr. Samwel Nyangweso            - Senate Representative, SPNRM
  60. Prof. George Raburu                 - Senate Representative, SIIS
  61. Dr. Fred Okumu                       - Senate Representative, SBPMAS


  1. Dr. Titus J. O Aminer                - Timetabling Coordinator
  2. Ms. Ivor Nyamita                      - Legal Officer
  3. Dr. Elijah Museve                     - Ag. Director, JOOUSTES
  4. Dr. Fredrick Odera                    - University Medical Officer


  1. Mr. Done A. Nyagwala              - Deputy Registrar (Examination)
  2. Mr. Henry Opondo                    - SAR(A)
  3. Ms. Felisters Muoki                  - SAA(A)
  4. Ms. Maureen Simiyu                 - AA(P&T)