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School of Agriculture and Food Science

The School was established to raise the level of agricultural productivity through demand-based research, innovations and technology transfer alongside producing skilled manpower to drive the sector forward. The School is located in Siaya town, which is 14 miles from the main campus in Bondo.

School of Business & Economics

The school offers courses which are tailored to current market demands. Our mission is to empower students to be responsive to Industry needs, innovative for job creation and high level of integrity in the business world.

School of Engineering & Technology

Over the last six years, the School has produced graduates in the following programmes; Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, Bsc in Renewable Energy Technology and Management, and Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering.

School of Health Science

There are two departments within the School namely the Public Health and Community Health & Development Department and the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Each department offers various programmes all leading to a health care profession. All departments have active research programmes in various specializations.

School of Informatics & Innovative Systems

ICT will provide solutions ranging from developing health information systems, developing applications for digitizing land records, harnessing the power of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to develop Smart farming applications and many more.

School of Spatial Planning and Natural Resource Management

Offers PhD in Planning; MA in Project Planning & Management; MSc in Urban Environmental Planning & Management; Bachelor of Arts in Spatial Planning & Design; BSc in Water Resource & Environmental Management; and Diploma in Disaster Management.

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Degree programs in Special Needs Education, Early Childhood Education, Guidance and Counseling, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Development studies, Governance, Administration, History and Archeology, Geography Literature, English Language and Linguistics, and Kiswahili.

School of Biological, Physical, Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences

The school offers undergraduate programs in various disciplines of Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Mathematics and Actuarial Science. As such we offer Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and Bachelor of Sciences in Biological Sciences.

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