Dr. Charles Helm Angira

Chairperson - Department of Public and Community Health



Department of Public and Community Health - Staff Members

Designation Name View staff profile (Biography, CV, Publications and Research Groups)
Chairperson of DepartmentMr. Peter  Omemoview profile
Chairperson of DepartmentDr. Charles H. Angiraview profile
ProfessorProf. Benson B. A. Estambaleview profile
Senior LecturerDr. George  Ayodoview profile
LecturerDr. Edwina  Syaggaview profile
LecturerDr.  Eric  Ogolaview profile
LecturerDr. Jane  Owengaview profile
LecturerDr. Charles H. Angiraview profile
LecturerDr. Ruth E. O. Obingeview profile
LecturerDr. Esther B. A. Osirview profile
Tutorial FellowMr. William K. Kobiview profile

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